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SUN - VIC 2022

Your Artistic Session

I invite you to discover your portrait in a more creative universe.

Let yourself be carried away by my universe and come to embody a princess, a hero of your choice but also your astrological sign.

Creation of a tailor-made magical universe, I provide you with outfits. 

I also offer a simple make-up and hairstyle part for your sessions. Made by me.

Artistic Services

C'est le moment parfait pour incarner un personnage mystique dans un décor lumineux ou bien sombre! Je t'invite à rejoindre un décor fait sur mesure pour une séance et une expérience unique!

Your sweet words!

" Alicia is a great person, I had the opportunity to shoot with her for her Halloween formula. I was immediately confident and at ease. I highly recommend her, the result is incredible! 🙏🏻"


Séance Portrait Artistique - Mathilde (16).jpg
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