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ABSUP 20.09

Why having a good communication? 

Quite simply, good communication, with clear and neat photos, can send a positive message to customers. But also to your future suppliers or partners.

On what media to distribute the photos?

There are a multitude of possibilities, depending on your affinity with paper or digital media.
For the printing side, photos can illustrate your brochures, flyers, business cards, posters and other leaflets.
For the digital side, photos can illustrate your website but also your social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, 

Take photos of your teams, in order to be able to identify all the employees and collaborators present in the same company. This allows us to forge links more easily, when we remember the faces of our colleagues, our employees, our bosses,...
Doing a session in the company also allows you to have a good time. You can have fun while taking the picture with ideas of poses or themes that are out of the ordinary. 

And you ? When are you going to take the leap?


Report package

For half a day, continuous shooting to highlight the event. For your conferences, inaugurations, announcement of new products and many more!

from 170€/hour

Corporate formula

Session of 20min maximum to make two professional portraits. Whether it's to put on your CV or on your professional social networks.

20min shooting - 60€

Subscription formula

Regular session to feed your social networks as a company! I agree to come 3 times a month to your premises. Show your activities, which may change from month to month.


the session

- First contact by email or by phone directly.

- Following our interviews (telephone, video, etc ...),a quote Will be sent to you.
-Adeposit50% of the sum will be requested when signing the quote forconfirm the shoot(s).

-I remain attentive to your comments and show you  photos as you go.

- Pretend I'm not there, I capture the know-how, your work or your products, adapting to your pace.

the session

the session

-The photo boards (not retouched) delivered 3 to 5 days after the session.
- According to your requirements, you will receive the retouched photos in an Online Gallery 5 to 8 days after selection.

- No printed photos. Possibility however but a supplement will be expected. 

-Storage of photos for 1 year on hard drive and 2 months on the Gallery for any complaint or modification.

Get a quote

Thank you for what you sent !

Their opinions!

"I have been working with Aly photography for my company for several months, she is very professional and attentive to my needs.

I highly recommend Aly photographie for your professional and personal projects. :)"

ABSUP - Laurent Piles

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